Happy Hour: The Modern-Day Activist

Luke Nelson, Shelma Jun, Miho Aida and Forrest Shearer were selected as 2017 SHIFT Award Adventure Athlete Official Selections for the work they do on behalf of our planet. 2017 SHIFT Award Official Selection Adventure Scientists—represented by Microplastics Project Manager Katie Holsinger—recruits, trains and manages skilled volunteers, saving their conservation partners time, money and effort. 2016 Emerging Leader Taimur Ahmad is the Recreation and Forest Policy Fellow for The Wilderness Society. Join us for a discussion on how we can elevate responsible recreation as a behavioral norm in the human-powered outdoor rec community, connect all people to the outdoors, and engage them in the decision-making processes that affect the places in which we play.

Moderator: Taimur Ahmad, Recreation and Forest Policy Fellow, The Wilderness Society


  • Luke Nelson, athlete, activist, physician’s assistant
  • Shelma Jun, Founder, Flash Foxy, The Women’s Climbing Festival, The Not Nothing Collective
  • Forrest Schearer, snowboarder, climate change activist
  • Miho Aida, documentary filmmaker, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, NatureBridge
  • Katie Holsinger, Microplastics Project Manager, Adventure Scientists

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