Elizabeth Sodja

Elizabeth Sodja has been involved in conservation and outdoor recreation since her freshman year of college. Additionally, Elizabeth created ‘Aggie Outdoor Volunteers’ at Utah State, and was an Education Park Ranger at Zion National Park.” “While I am an enthusiastic recreationist and conservationist, I feel I can add the perspective of someone who has seen the dark side recreation can have on conservation. Within my 3 summers of working there, Zion National Park went from a busy but pleasant place at 2.8 million, to suffocating at 3.5 million. The Park’s resources are strained, the experience to the visitor is poor, and the park itself is getting smothered. Finding ways to encourage recreation outside of iconic or famous places is critical, not just for the sake of the parks and the lands that are suffering under too much demand, but for the sake of people looking for a wilderness experience who can’t find any. There are still places out there to be alone, how do we find and promote them more, and preserve THAT experience?”

Elizabeth was selected to participate in SHIFT’s Emerging Leaders Program in 2016.

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