Jill Sanford

Jill is a freelance journalist and communications content writer with a passion for outdoor recreation and solving environmental and economic problems in the Sierra. She is a published journalist with over 5 years experience writing for both local and national audiences. Jill is committed to bridging the gap between urban and rural resource users and encouraging downstream city dwellers to fall in love with wild, natural places through recreation. “In 2014 I was asked to write an article on the 50 year anniversary of the Wilderness Act for Mountaineers Magazine,” Jill explains. “I was lucky enough to interview Doug Walker for this story. To this day I can pinpoint that conversation as a pivotal moment that launched my career and identity as an environmental advocate. He inspired me to protect and preserve what I value the most and I am honored to be one of many he motivated in his lifetime.

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Jill was selected to participate in SHIFT’s Emerging Leaders Program in 2016.

Tickets for the SHIFT Summit may be purchased here.

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