Mabari Byrd

Mabari is a Philadelphia native with a love for youth, the environment, outdoor recreation, and the citizens of his beloved city of “Brotherly Love.” He possesses a diverse and solid professional background in program development, youth development, environmental sustainability practices, volunteer management, project management, nature outings and community organizing as well. Having managed hundreds of community development, environmental stewardship and stormwater/watershed management projects across Philadelphia, Mabari takes pride in consistently providing a high quality project management experience that connects people of all backgrounds to the outdoors.

Mabari has a strong commitment to and positive perspective concerning promoting activities that can support the needs of the military community because of his lifelong direct involvement with members of his family who have and are service members. His grandfather served 23 years active duty and 7 years reserves, US Navy; his oldest brother served 8 years, US Air Force; his second oldest brother served 8 years, US Navy; and his fourth oldest brother is currently 15 years active duty, US Army, having done 4 tours of duty in Iraq. One of the key aspects of being a member of a military family is that Mabari understands that the volunteer Americans who are keeping us safe deserve to benefit from the rich rewards that come from spending time immersed in the beauty of the land that they sacrifice daily to protect. Mabari believes it is vital to develop environmental opportunities and experiences for military personnel and their families.  

Mabari’s educational background is in Behavioral Science & Human Services, with a degree from Community College of Philadelphia. Mabari also completed coursework in Temple University’s School of Social Work. His academic studies and the insights he gains from them fuel his passion and efforts towards his advocacy for the improvement of employment outcomes for youth, effective mentoring and workforce development programs for minority males and females, and building capacity to effectively engage youth and community as partners. He is a representative/advocate for numerous social and environmental justice organizations/initiatives across the country.

He is an active member of  the “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance” initiated by President Obama, and attended as a speaker on “Effective Mentoring Strategies,” at the 2013 inaugural conference in D.C. As a city representative of “Cities United,” a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American cities related to African American men and boys, Mabari consistently provides workshops and participates on panels that advocate for better criminal justice laws and counseling resources for young men of color. These are just a few of the many causes that Mabari is passionate about and willing to dedicate his time to be a part of all in the name of trying to leave the world in better condition than when he found it.

Mabari was selected to participate in SHIFT’s Emerging Leaders Program in 2016.

Tickets for the SHIFT Summit may be purchased here.

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