Siva Sundaresan

Siva has never really outgrown his childhood passion for watching wild animals. As a child in urban India, opportunities to see wildlife were few; still, Siva managed to escape to nearby forests whenever he could. After completing his undergraduate degree, he found a way to travel to India’s wildest places by assisting on a tiger conservation project. At some point, though, he began to feel that simply looking at wild animals was not enough. Eager to actually learn something about these animals, he began a Ph.D. in Ecology at Princeton University. There, his dissertation research took him to northern Kenya, where he found plenty of spectacular wildlife. He continued working there for the next ten years, mostly on conservation of the highly endangered Grevy’s zebra.

While in Kenya, Siva met his future wife, Corinna – one of the few people who found his obsession with wild animals charming rather than annoying. When Corinna dragged him to Jackson so that she could accept a job, she assured him that in place of zebras and lions he would find a new love of moose, bears, elk, bald eagles…

On his first day in Jackson, Siva saw a moose cow-calf pair eating in the neighbor’s garden. He said to himself, “Okay, I can live here. I can make this my home.” And he knew, right away, that he would dedicate himself to ensuring that he and others in Jackson Hole will always be able to watch wild animals to (almost) their heart’s content.

Siva now works as the Conservation Director at the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance.

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