JH Conservation Alliance, JH Community Pathways Host Transportation Workshop at SHIFT

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Chuck Marohn. The co-founder and president of Strong Towns will lead a workshop on 21st century transportation issues on Friday, Oct. 10, during the SHIFT Summit.

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance and Jackson Hole Community Pathways will host an invitation-only workshop on effective, efficient transportation systems with Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns on the afternoon of Friday, October 10, from 1 – 5 p.m. at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

The workshop will coincide with the third and final day of the SHIFT Summit, a showcase for the most effective and innovative sustainability initiatives currently underway in communities like Jackson Hole from around North America. At the workshop’s conclusion, participants will be invited to join the Summit’s plenary during a final presentation of Summit proceedings.

The workshop, which works at the intersection of finance, land use and infrastructure, will explore the financing and planning of an efficient and effective transportation system.

The decision to make the workshop invitation only was driven by its organizers’ desire to make it as effective and efficient as possible.

“It’s really meant for people who play a role in the planning, funding and decision-making that effects the future of our transportation infrastructure,” said Craig Benjamin, The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance’s Executive Director. “Planning, engineering, and transportation staff and elected officials will be the immediate beneficiaries, but the entire community will benefit in the long-run.”

Individuals interested in attending the workshop may RSVP directly to Mr. Benjamin at craig AT jhalliance.org.

The workshop will cover topics including The Finance of our Places, which explains how the way we currently build and finance cities provides an “illusion of wealth” but creates enormous long term liabilities. Participants will learn how local governments can make high return investments and update methods for evaluating the financial viability of a project.

The workshop also features a topic called “Understanding Transportation and Mobility”.

According to the program description, “Investments in transportation have long been synonymous with economic growth and job creation. While this was often the case in the early days of highway building, that correlation is no longer guaranteed, especially at the local level.

“With road maintenance liabilities overwhelming federal, state and local budgets, a more strategic approach is needed. By understanding the difference between a road and a street, local governments can spend less money and attain better results, improving their financial health.”

In the July 28, 2014, article in Time, “One Man’s Fight to Fix the American Dream,” Mr. Marohn is described as a “sprawl refugee” who “at one point helped enable the building of modern-day suburbia.”

The Minnesotan engineer now advocates the development of more walkable communities and directs Strong Towns, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that helps American towns achieve financial strength and resiliency.

Mr. Marohn will also participate in the Tools For Tomorrow program as well. The two-day program, which takes place Oct. 11-12 at the Wort Hotel, uses a focus on Jackson’s transportation systems to teach participants the skills they need to plan and execute a successful conservation campaign.

An outline for the Strong Towns Workshop may be found here.

Please RSVP if you plan on joining.


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