Meet the Foodies Behind FoodSHIFT: Mixologist Meagan Schmoll of The Rose


Rich Goodwin, photographer

Meagan Schmoll crafts cocktails at The Rose from local ingredients and sustainably sourced small batch liquors. Our FoodSHIFT favorite: The Green Snap, made with juiced sugar snap peas and Idaho potato vodka. Meagan will be teaching a craft cocktail workshop—Shaken and Stirred—Thursday, October 9 at The Rose as part of our Locavore Pantry from 2-5 pm, and during SHIFTDrinks from 5-6:30 pm. Stop by and learn why The Rose was named on of the 10 best craft cocktail bars in America by Food and Wine magazine.




3 Questions for Mixologist Meagan Schmoll

1. What does sustainability mean to you?
Taking the kitchen into the bar, creating housemade syrups from seasonal ingredients and using fresh squeezed juices. Choosing to use spirits/alcohol created by distillers that take pride in their craft.
2. What makes you most proud about the Rose?
I am quite delighted to be working in a bar that finds fresh squeezed juices, homemade syrups and quality spirits to be a priority. i\It encourages me to continue working, maybe not the easiest way, but the more unique and interesting way.
Smelling of citrus and ginger after work is not a bad thing either.

3. Tell us something we may not know about being a mixologist in Jackson
All drinks have been created before. There is nothing new under the sun of drink mixing…but its still really exciting when you first make a drink and even more exciting when someone else has a taste and loves it.



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