Keynote Speech: Auden Schendler

Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, opens the 2014 SHIFT Festival at the Center for the Arts with a talk titled “Great Fear, Great Hope: Meaningful Action in a Climate Change World”

Scientists say the planet is headed towards at least 4 degrees C of warming, which will be catastrophic. Conventional thinking no longer applies. To solve climate, we have to effectively remake society. In that context, what matters? How can we act at appropriate scale in our own ways? How do we even think about the problem? And how might humans be uniquely suited to solve this problem?

This is a free event. Registration is not required.

Introducing  Mr. Schendler will be Jerry Blann, President of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Mr. Blann was President of Aspen Skiing Company from 1985-1988.

An overview of Mr. Schendler’s talk may be found here.

ABOUT AUDEN SCHENDLER: Auden Schendler is Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, where he focuses on big scale solutions to climate change, primarily clean energy and activism. He has published extensively about the difficulties of enacting sustainability initiatives in the business world and the ineffectiveness of conventional green business practices in the face of climate change.

Location: Center for the Arts Date: October 8, 2014 Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Auden Schendler
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