The SHIFT Summit: Adventure

On Friday, October 10, The SHIFT Summit will conclude with the Adventure Program and a plenary that summarizes the proceedings of the past three days.

Tickets for the Summit are available here.

The day-long Program, which will take place at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, showcases the winners of our SHIFT Sustainability Awards in the Adventure (outdoor recreation) category. The Program will highlight innovative approaches to common challenges shared by outdoor recreationalists in North American GEMS, and ways to expand those approaches to other GEMS.

The Program will feature a presentation of the proceedings of the Roundtable on Land Management, Wilderness Advocacy and Outdoor Recreation.

A workshop on 21st transportation will run concurrently with the Program. The two tracks will convene at 4:30 p.m. in the auditorium for the plenary conclusion to the Summit.

Complementary transportation will be provided from the town of Jackson to the National Museum of Wildlife Art and back per the following schedule:

8:00 a.m.: Pick-up at the Ride2Fly stop (located at the parking lot garage on Simpson Street, between Millward and Glenwood streets: 180 W Simpson Ave, Jackson, WY 83001; 43.477516, -110.764619)
8:15 a.m.: Drop-off at the Museum
6:35 p.m.: Pick-up at the Museum
6:45 p.m.: Drop-off at the Ride2Fly stop

The SHIFT Summit: Adventure / Friday, Oct. 10

8:30 AM: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Introduction: Luther Propst, Chair, Outdoor Alliance

Location: Auditorium

8:45:  Understanding The Climate Change Risk for the Ski Industry and Mountain Communities

Dr. Daniel Scott, Research Chair in Global Change and Tourism, and Director, Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, and Dr. Michelle Rutty, Department of Geography & Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Canada

Climate change is here and it has only begun. It is considered one of the grand challenges of our era, one that all communities and economic sectors must face. Tourism is no exception and its destination communities are at the very early stages of understanding their climate change risk and how to adapt. Media coverage of climate change and tourism has greatly expanded in recent years, with ski tourism receiving significant coverage. Alarming headlines depict an industry that’s destined to fail under climatically warmer futures as a result of decreased natural snow cover and shortened/more variable ski seasons. There are real dangers associated with such generalized and overtly negative portrayals, which can influence investment, skier demand as well as subsidiary economies. Unfortunately, many of the studies upon which these media stories are based suffer from important limitations that reduce their validity and relevance for understanding the climate change risk for the ski industry. This presentation will examine why it’s important for the ski industry to accurately understand the challenges posed by climate change and examine the anticipated impacts of climate change for ski tourism in North America.

Location: Auditorium

9:45: Coffee Break

10:15 a.m.: Ski Today, Gone Tomorrow: Ski Area Sustainability in the Face of Climate Change
Moderator: Matt Hansen, Editor-at-large, Powder Magazine

  • Brent Giles, Chief Sustainability Officer, POWDR Corp (Park City, UT)
  • Arthur De Jong, Planning & Environmental Resource Manager, Whistler-Blackcomb (Whistler, BC)
  • Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability, Aspen Ski Company (Aspen, CO)
  • Luke Cartin, Senior Environmental Manager, Vail Resorts Echo (Vail, CO)
  • Jon Bishop, Risk/Safety Manager and Environmental Coordinator, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (Jackson Hole, WY)

Location: Wapiti Gallery

11:45: Lunch

Lunch is available for purchase at the Rising Sage Café.

National Museum of Wildlife Art

12:45 PM: The Land Between the Trails: Mountain Biking and Conservation

Moderator: Ashley Korenblat, Public Land Solutions (Moab, UT)

  • Tim Andrews, Board Member, Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (Whistler, BC)
  • Brett Stevenson, Executive Director, Wood River Bike Coalition (Sun Valley, ID)
  • Dave Ochs, Vice President, Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (Crested Butte, CO)

Location: Auditorium

1:45: Show Us the Money: The Use of Economic Analysis to Quantify the Value of Protected Public Land Use by Outdoor Recreationalists

Presentations by Luther Propst, Chair, Outdoor Alliance, and Mark Newcomb, economist (Jackson, WY). Facilitated by Jason Keith, Managing Director, Public Land Solutions (Moab, UT).

Location: Auditorium

3:00: Coffee Break

3:30: Presentation of proceedings from the Roundtable on Outdoor Recreation, Land Management and Wilderness Advocacy

Moderator: Luther Propst, Chair, Outdoor Alliance

Participants from the previous day’s roundtable share key points from their discussion, including best practices and actions.

Location: Auditorium

4:30: Plenary

Summit Endorsements and next steps for SHIFT and the Summit

Location: Auditorium

5:30: Adjourn

Transportation to Center for the Arts for the People’s Banquet and Keynote by Marion Nestle


Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, Crested Butte, CO. The oldest mountain bike club in the world, the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association is an all volunteer, non-profit 501C3 organization dedicated to the access, building and maintenance of mountain bike trails in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley in Colorado.

Coal Methane Clean Energy Project,Aspen Skiing Company, Aspen, CO. Aspen/Snowmass made American business history by being the first company in Colorado to partner with a coal mine to create clean energy. This ground-breaking project at the Elk Creek Mine in Somerset, Colo. generates three megawatts of power annually – the same amount of energy that Aspen Skiing Company uses each year.

Mountain Trails Foundation, Park City, UT. Mountain Trails Foundation is dedicated to promoting and maintaining Park City Utah’s trails for non-motorized recreational use.

Powdr Corp, Park City, UT. Snow is essential to both our business model and in supporting all life in the mountains. Fighting global warming is standard operating procedure at Powdr. We create and support a variety of energy saving and carbon cutting initiatives at our resorts, and then consistently challenge and test those efforts to see if we can do better.

Public Land Solutions, Moab, UT. Public Land Solutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive recreation planning and stakeholder coordination to support effective and sustainable public land solutions.

Vail Resorts Echo, Vail, CO. Through VR Echo’s programs, Vail Resorts connects to the core issues that matter: the vitality of our communities and the conservation of the spectacular natural environments that surround them. Vail Resorts Echo is Environmental Stewardship, Charitable Contributions and Volunteerism.

Whistler-Blackcomb, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Zero waste, zero carbon, zero net emissions – this is our goal – for Whistler Blackcomb to achieve Zero Operating Footprint. This will only be possible with the support of our employees, our guests and our community. For all of us, Every Step Counts.This collective mission inspires guests to visit us who are factoring environmental impacts into their travel choices.

Whistler Off Road Cycling Association, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. By working with government, landowners and developers, WORCA continues to ensure mountain bike trail access while providing a wide range of other services to the mountain bike community.

Wood River Bike Coalition, Sun Valley, ID. Promoting sustainable trails, responsible biking, and improving riding opportunities for cyclists of all ages and abilities.


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