SHIFT Partners: The Real Jackson Hole Heroes


SHIFT Partners deliberating the final initiatives under consideration for the SHIFT Summit, May 21, The Rose. Forty-six partners participated in the two-hour deliberation that resulted in the selection of 50 finalists. Before the Vote Party, they’d collectively spent nearly 200 hours evaluating the initiatives. We are grateful. Photo: David Treinis

Today we announced our first SHIFT Sustainability Awards, which recognize the most effective, innovative sustainability and conservation initiatives currently underway in North American GEMS. The selection of the award winners would not have been possible without our SHIFT Partners.

These stakeholders in our community devoted (literally) hundreds of hours to evaluating initiatives from around North America that were pertinent to their field of expertise. With their help, we were able to make informed (and opinionated!) decisions about which initiatives to honor, and which to invite to Jackson Hole in October.

Our SHIFT Partners are our experts. All GEMS face similar challenges: making energy more efficient; making transportation more efficient; creating attainable, energy-efficient housing so residents don’t need to consume excess fuel in getting to and from work; creating sustainable food systems; managing economic development so that it supports, rather than undermines, the natural capital upon which they depend.

Our SHIFT Partners are Jackson Hole’s leaders in the fight to make our community sustainable. Their authority helped us recognize the initiatives in North American GEMS doing the important work in the places they call home.

And that’s a critical part of SHIFT, not just because we love our GEMS. These GEMS attract visitors from around the world. Accordingly, they have a unique opportunity to influence national and international approaches to modern conservation. Hundreds of millions of people each year visit them. If we can affect the individual behavior of these visitors in a positive manner, we can leverage the natural beauty of our GEMS for the positive change the world so desperately needs.

The next time you run into our SHIFT Partners, thank them for the work they do. It makes Jackson Hole a better place to be.

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