Brent Giles

GPP Award photoBrent Giles is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Powdr, a leading active lifestyle company that owns and operates mountain resorts, action sports camps and training facilities, and television networks. Under his leadership, Powdr has become an industry leader in environmental stewardship and reduced its resorts carbon footprints by 62 percent in the past fiscal year. Powdr has received multiple awards from the EPA and is one of the top green power purchaser’s in North America. Powdr Resorts, the mountain resort division of Powdr, has received numerous awards for its environmental initiatives including the Clif Silver Eagle Awards for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Clean Energy and NSAA Golden Eagle Awards for Environmental Excellence. Mr. Giles was instrumental in the Save Our Snow study that looked at the effects of Global Warming on the ski industry, specifically Park City Mountain Resort. These results have been widely published and can be found at Mr. Giles is in his 35th year with Powdr and Park City Mountain Resort.

About Powdr Corp (Park City, UT): Snow is essential to both our business model and in supporting all life in the mountains. Fighting global warming is standard operating procedure at Powdr. We create and support a variety of energy saving and carbon cutting initiatives at our resorts, and then consistently challenge and test those efforts to see if we can do better.

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