Chad Jackson

Chad JacksonChad Jackson, Head of Production / Executive Producer, Brain Farm: Chad has been entrenched in the action and adventure sports filmmaking and marketing business for over 12 years. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, he has lived the lifestyle of action and adventure sports from a young age. His film career accidentally started shortly after finishing business school where he was instrumental in growing a young production company, Teton Gravity Research (TGR). After 8 years experience with branded content creation in the action/adventure space at TGR, he joined forces with Curt Morgan and Travis Rice grow Brain Farm. As co-producer of Brain Farm’s film release, The Art of Flight, Chad managed the ever-changing multi-million dollar budget, field and postproduction teams, as well as orchestrated one of the complex logistical strategies of moving crews and equipment across dangerous and remote locations. Additionally, Chad was instrumental in advising and coordinating the global marketing plan for the project and others to follow. His experience in film release and marketing, film/TV/commercial production, media consumption and general small business management has kept him busy at Brain Farm for the past 5 plus years.

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