Dr. Annie Fenn

Dr. Annie Fenn is the Director of FoodSHIFT.

Dr. Fenn founded the Women’s Health Center in 1995, and provided obstetric and gynecological care to the community for 17 years. She now writes about food, health, mountain living, and sustainability on her website jacksonholefoodie.com, and for several local and national magazines.

Dr. Fenn will be ubiquitous at FoodSHIFT’s many events in Jackson Hole from October 8-12. She will also lead the Q&A with Dr. Marion Nestle at The People’s Banquet on Friday, Oct. 10, at the Center for the Arts.

About Jacksonholefoodie: Jacksonholefoodie is a place to find the stories behind the food culture that makes Jackson Hole unique. It’s about cooking, growing and foraging for food in a small mountain town. It’s the place for home cooks to turn to for inspiration when faced with cooking for yourself, your family or a large group of friends. Recipes are original, seasonal and packed with the best local ingredients from both sides of the Tetons.

Jacksonholefoodie is also a doctor’s perspective on how to eat well for enhanced health and longevity without excluding major categories of food or—God forbid—dieting. By highlighting seasonal foods produced close to home, eaten in abundance and with a sense of community, the jacksonholefoodie way of eating is inherently healthy—for you, your family and your community.

Cooking is an act of generosity. The recipes you’ll find at Jacksonholefoodie are meant to make you and those you love very, very happy.


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