E. Melanie Watt

Melanie WattDr. E. Melanie Watt, Executive Director of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley, completed her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in biology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Watt is an award winning and enthusiastic communicator who promotes sustainable communities, ecological integrity and wildlife issues to diverse audiences using multiple mediums including magazines, books, radio, television, movies and in-person presentations.  She has provided inspirational presentations to over 40,000 school children.  She hosted a science expedition television series for Owl Television/Discovery Channel and was one of six scientists featured on World Wildlife Fund’s Before it’s too Late television series.  A guest on dozens of T.V. & radio programs, Dr. Watt is the author of 6 books and numerous articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals, magazines and newspapers.  For 17 years she has taught biology courses at University of Calgary.

Dr. Watt helped establish the Biosphere Institute in 1997 and has been with the organization ever since.  The Biosphere Institute is a thriving charitable organization with multi-partner, award winning programs based in Canmore, Alberta.  Its engaging and accessible public Resource Centre is devoted to ecological integrity and sustainability.  Biosphere Institute programs include: Sustainable Action Canmore, Canmore Community Monitoring Program, Bow Valley WildSmart Community Program, Restoration of Migratory Bird Aquatic Habitat Program, and The Natural Step to a Sustainable Canmore program.  The Institute, recognized for its innovation in programming, partnerships and marketing, and successful local community transformation, has received local, national and international awards and been featured in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

About Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley (Canmore, Alberta, Canada): The Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to enhancing understanding of ecological integrity as it pertains to the Bow River Watershed. The Biosphere Institute’s Resource Centre also acts as the base for a number of community and regional programs relating to sustainability and ecological integrity. The Institute also facilitates, encourages, supports and co-ordinates ecological, economic, and social research pertinent to the region’s ecosystem.

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