Emily MacKinnon

HeadShotEmily MacKinnon is the Resource Ecologist for the Nantucket Land Council, a non-profit environmental advocacy land trust in Nantucket Massachusetts.

Emily graduated from the University of Vermont studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Wildlife Biology. Emily spent her free time in college leading wilderness trips with the UVM Outing Club and exploring New England. She spent several seasons monitoring an endangered alpine butterfly in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, interning at a raptor rehabilitation facility in Vermont and finally monitoring populations of endangered shorebirds before settling on Nantucket.

Emily has been the Nantucket Land Council’s Ecologist for the past 10 years, conducting scientific field work, environmental education programs with the local schools and community, and advocating for the protection of Nantucket’s resources. Since 1974, the Nantucket Land Council has combined environmental watchdog advocacy with staff driven research and educational initiatives to create beneficial environmental policies and regulatory oversight. The Nantucket Land Council also has 84 conservation easements on over 1400 acres of land. Nantucket is home to globally rare sandplain grasslands and coastal heathlands which support the most rare and endangered plant and animal species in Massachusetts. Nantucket also has the largest and most viable Bay Scallop fishery on the east coast. The Land Council strives to protect these and other important natural resources by attending all applicable residential and commercial development regulatory hearings and taking legal action when necessary. The Land Council has several research programs focusing on pond and estuarine water quality. Cormac has served on several committees including the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative, the Invasive Plant Species Committee, the Nantucket Coastal Management Plan Workgroup, and the Nantucket Prescribed Burn Program.

While living on an island Emily has maintained a passion for the mountains with trips to climb several high peaks in Ecuador and Peru. She makes the most of her coastal environment with the Nantucket Outrigger Canoe Club and enjoys Nantucket’s interior beauty as an avid cyclist biking around and around the island.

About Nantucket Land Council (Nantucket, MA): The Nantucket Land Council is a watch-dog environmental group which holds conservation restrictions, commissions scientific research, monitors development, engages in legal proceedings, and educates the public on local environmental issues.

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