Emily Olson

EMILY OLSON, defaultEducation Coordinator. Emily holds a Master’s in Education from Montana State University, a B.S. in Natural Resources and B.A. in International Studies from Oregon State University. Her professional experience reflects a deep passion for growing scientific literacy among diverse audiences, working across the West in Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado. A product of Montessori pedagogy and Teton Science School’s graduate program, Emily specializes in developing partnerships to create and implement place-based, STEM curriculum and programs for formal and informal settings. Emily has been with Mountain Studies Institute since 2011 and oversees several programmatic areas including citizen science initiatives, Four Corners Federal Lands Internship, the annual San Juan Mining & Water Quality Conference, Science Fair, “Science Into Action” Service Learning, K-12 school outreach, and Teacher Training. Emily’s favorite pastimes include playing with dirt and rocks in the San Juans with her son, attempting to play the ukulele, mountain biking, and making good food with local ingredients.

About Mountain Studies Institute (Silverton, CO): The Mountain Studies Institute develops science that people can use to address environmental issues facing the San Juan Mountains

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