Kate Gersh

Kate Gersh, Associate Director, Kate Gersh_August 2014The Murie Center: Since an early age Kate has been enamored by nature and has always known that her career path would involve the field of environmental conservation. Because of family roots and many hours as a kid watching National Geographic videos such as, Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas, Kate developed a special fondness for Africa and consequently worked for several years at the nonprofit organization African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). At AWF she managed all aspects of individual, private foundation and corporate relationships. Additionally, she was also a key player on the program management team for AWF’s large-scale grant award under the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Sustainable Conservation Approaches in Priority Ecosystems program. Her previous employments include working for the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots youth environmental and humanitarian education program, and for a South African-based company focused on marketing support to entrepreneurial artisan groups for job creation. Kate’s educational background includes a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from George Washington University’s School of Public Policy and Public Administration plus, a master’s degree in Sustainable Destination Management from George Washington University’s School of Business. She is also an Alumnus of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program where she helped design a conservation campaign that developed “Guidelines for Minimizing the Negative Impact to Bats and Other Cave Organisms from Guano Harvesting” Ver. 1.0 (12 March 2014), IUCN SSC (2014).

Jackson Hole has been the long-time home for one of Kate’s siblings, which subsequently made it a favorite vacation destination of hers over the years. Now a year-round resident herself since January 2012, at The Murie Center, Kate works to inspire others to connect with our natural heritage and work to advance its protection so that its wonders may be enjoyed for generations to come.

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