Leslie Mattson

image001Leslie Mattson, President, Grand Teton National Park Foundation: Leslie Mattson has been the president of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation since July 2004.  Leslie oversees all aspects of the organization, including fundraising, financial management, and governance.  Since 2004, she has raised over $25 million from private sector donors for the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and to fund wildlife, education, and improvement projects in Grand Teton National Park.  Currently, the Foundation is in a $14 million capital campaign for trail restoration in Grand Teton.  Under Leslie’s leadership, the organization has transformed from a small, locally focused nonprofit to a top-tier National Park Service fundraising partner, successfully competing nationwide for philanthropic dollars.

Leslie has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit administration and fundraising, including past work as a fundraising and nonprofit management consultant.  She was also a development officer for Tufts University and Lesley College.   During her 13-year tenure as executive director of Jackson Hole Land Trust, Leslie oversaw the completion of the $26.5 million Campaign for Our Valley, which included a successful $1 million Kresge Foundation challenge grant and the permanent protection of over 25,000 acres of important working landscapes and wildlife habitat.  During the course of her career she has led training sessions for staff and boards in fundraising, non-profit management and governance for a variety of organizations.

Leslie serves on the board of Energy Conservation Works, whose mission is to transform Jackson Hole into a National model of energy efficiency and innovation.

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