Mark Barron

CREDIT: David J SwiftMark Barron is a family man and small business owner/operator who has lived in Jackson since the mid seventies. He is married to Ruth Ann Petroff who serves in the Wyoming legislature. He has served as town mayor since 2003 and has worked with town, county and Lower Valley Energy officials and citizens to make Jackson Hole a national leader in energy conservation, efficiency measures and investments in renewable resources. As mayor, he signed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement in November 2006, helped to spearhead Jackson Hole 10X10 and currently chairs Energy Conservation Works.

About the Town of Jackson, WY: The Town of Jackson is proud of its many environmental initiatives. In November, 2006 Mayor Mark Barron became the first Mayor in Wyoming to sign the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. The Town of Jackson has continued to partner with Teton County and Lower Valley Energy to move towards energy sustainability. Several of the major initiatives that have evolved over the past few years may be found here.

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