Willy Watsabaugh

Chief W PhotoWilly Watsabaugh, Chief, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS: Willy is a native son of Jackson Hole Wyoming, born and raised here with three brothers.

He has worked in the construction industry, hunting & outfitting business, and has served as a volunteer and career firefighter and Fire Chief. He began his fire career in 1976. Willy became the chief of Jackson Hole Fire/EMS in 2010.

Willy has managed or been a part of management teams that participated in managing incidents from wild-land fire, floods, and landslides, most recently the Horse-thief Canyon fire, September, 2012 and the Budge Drive landslide, April, 2014.

As part of the Teton Area Wild-fire Protection Coalition (TAWPC) Willy helped revise the 2014 version of the Community Wild-fire Protection Plan. Among the different land agencies working on the revision were Grand Teton National Park, Bridger/Teton National Forest, Wyoming State Forestry, Teton County Conservation District, Teton County, Town of Jackson, and numerous conservation organizations.

With his wife Nancy, five children, and five grand children, four horses and one dog, he enjoys all of the outdoor activities Jackson Hole has to offer

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