Local Joe

Pearl StreetThe coffee one drinks is the first sustainable food choice of the day. Festival participants will gather each morning over coffee or tea at one of Jackson’s popular cafés to for Local Joe, featuring locally roasted, sustainably sourced coffee. Jumpstarting the day with one of numerous locally roasted coffees, participants will have a chance to learn about the coffee industry, its challenges and successes, and how customers can support sustainable coffee with every cup they drink.

Local Joe Schedule

Weds. Oct. 8: How Well Do You Know Your Morning Joe?, Cafe Genevieve, 7-9 am

Thurs. Oct. 9: The Secret to Persephone’s Great Coffee, Persephone Bakery, 7-9 am

Fri. Oct. 10: Roasting Beans with Stefan, JH Roasters, 7-9 am

Sat. Oct. 11: Coffee Shop with a Conscience, Elevated Grounds, 7-9 am

Sun. Oct. 12: Coffee Shop with a Conscience, Pearl Street Bagels Jackson, 7-9 am

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