Deanne Buck

Deanne Buck brings to the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition Executive Director position over 12 years work experience in all facets of the climbing industry. Deanne grew up on the flatlands Nebraska. Her first climbing experience was on a 20-foot high woody at the YMCA in Omaha in the mid-1990s. She quickly fell in love with rock climbing and it wasn’t long before she was making personal and professional decisions with proximity to climbing areas and access to the outdoors as the determining factor.

Since her first climbing experience in Omaha twenty years ago, Deanne quickly situated her career in the outdoor industry: she has worked at a climbing gym, as a river raft guide, a Marketing Director for an outdoor specialty gear shop, an attorney for companies in the outdoor industry, and an advocate for conservation of and access to our treasured climbing resources

Her position with OIWC focuses on providing resources, networking, leadership training and education for the individual woman. This position is a culmination of her passion for the outdoors, human-powered recreation, and working with businesses to better their bottom-line through a diverse workforce.Deanne and her husband live in the foothills of the Colorado Front Range at 8,200 feet with two dogs, one cat and 40 chickens.

Deanne will participate in the panel discussion on the Principles for the Advancement of Outdoor Recreation and Conservation at the SHIFT Summit on Th., Oct. 8.

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