Kyle Cassidy

Kyle Cassidy is the Content Marketing Manager at Simple Finance, IG’er at muttsandglory. Formerly Director of Editorial/Conent/Copy at The Clymb and Editorial Director at WEND. An award-winning journalist and publishing industry refugee, he was the second hire on the The Clymb’s marketing team and the founder of the company’s content marketing empire. He also edited The Clymb’s blog, which features award-winning work by the world’s leading writers and photographers—including Oregon’s poet laureate. A champion for the marriage of content and commerce, Kyle published over 2,000 stories at The Clymb, driving hundreds of thousands of monthly views as well as content shares from high-profile influencers such as Travel Oregon, The North Face, Outside magazine, and more.

Kyle Cassidy will present Finance Versus Outdoor: What We Can Learn From the Banking Industry at the Outdoor Blogger Summit.

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