Lucas Debari

Lucas Debari, Freestyle Big Mountain Snowboarder:

In the shadows of Washington powder magnet Mt. Baker is the small town of Glacier, the home town of Lucas DeBari, athlete for The North Face and member of Protect Our Winters’ Riders’ Alliance.

Debari first strapped into a snowboard at the age of four, and his maturation as a rider came to fruition as a teen. After several successful years competing in the halfpipe, he grew jaded and decided to cut back, preferring sessions with friends in the backcountry powder to the cutthroat competition circuit. His park talent had an obvious influence on his riding in the powder; in 2008, he received the prestigious “Rookie of the Year” award in Transworld Magazine Rider’s Poll and won the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom.

Lucas will participate in the Skiing and Climate Change happy hour on Wed., Oct. 7, and MC the Cool Skiing, Hot Planet film program with Angel Collinson immediately afterward.

In the past four or five years he has transitioned into snowboard mountaineering in the Greater Rangers, spending time at altitude on trips that allow him to focus on riding the important lines. In so doing he has witnessed first hand the impact of climate change on the thing he loves to do.

“It’s my duty as a person, with every bit of influence I have, to share the message about climate change: the world is changing and the repercussions are now. Through our actions we can mediate some of the worst effects. How many people who love to ski didn’t get to do any of it last year because of the weather? In the big scheme of things, skiing and snowboarding is a small part of the equation, but by channeling the passion in incites in us, we can all make a difference.”

Lucas  will participate in the SHIFT Drinks happy hour discussion on skiing and climate change and MC the Cool Skiing, Hot Planet film program with Angel Collinson

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