Mark Bittman

mark-bittman-retires-the-minimalist-and-moves-to-nyt-op-ed-pagesAmerican food journalist, author, and columnist for The New York Times Mark Bittman will be the keynote speaker on Friday, October 9, at The People’s Banquet.

Mr. Bittman, who explores industrial agriculture as both a health risk and a major driver of climate change, is the author of 14 books, including the bestselling How to Cook Everything and Vegan Before 6 P.M. He has been the recipient of International Association of Culinary Professionals, Julia Child and James Beard awards for his writing.

As described in the Emmy-award winning Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously, where he explores the impact of climate change on weather events such as Superstorm Sandy, and the release of methane gas, a climate change accelerator, via fracking:

“There is no one like Mark Bittman, who has been writing about food and cooking — and changing the way Americans eat — since 1980. A food movement visionary, Bittman can make the most complicated topics accessible, including issues as far-ranging as veganism, energy use, and global population, all while helping millions of people figure out what to cook for dinner.

“Bittman’s core messages — that food and things related have the power to make or break not only our personal health, but that of the planet — are increasingly accepted and broadcast widely. For The New York Times and a wide variety of other publications, Bittman covers policy, agriculture, health, the environment, and more, along with cooking and eating. His body of work spans all media with print and web columns, videos, interviews, TV appearances, and shows (he is a regular on THE TODAY SHOW, and has hosted four TV series, and has two more in the works). He has also published more than 15,000 recipes, many of which have been published in his ground-breaking, best-selling books; three of those are now among the most successful cooking apps ever.”

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