Our Public Lands Video Campaign to be Filmed at SHIFT

Outdoor Alliance and the Our Public Lands film team recently released the following video, “Stand Up for Public Lands”, filmed on site at SHIFT in October 2015 in Jackson, WY The Stand Up for Public Lands video is part of the Protect Our Public Land initiative, launched to mobilize support against the ongoing heist of public lands […]

Our Public Lands Video Campaign to be Filmed at SHIFT

Our Public Lands is a video campaign that will collect stories about people connecting with nature at the 2016 SHIFT Festival October 13-15 in Jackson, WY. These interviews will be used to strengthen the fight against the public land transfer movement through a variety of media outlets including documentary films, web videos, blogs and social […]

Building a Map for Cultural Relevancy at SHIFT

Cultural relevancy can feel like the elephant in the room. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s overwhelming. If you feel like you’ve been talking the cultural relevancy, diversity, and inclusion talk but don’t know how to walk the walk, SHIFT presents a workshop customized to address your needs. On Thursday, October 13, from 8:00 am – […]

SHIFT 2016: Outdoor Rec & Our Public Lands

The theme for The 2016 SHIFT Festival is, “Outdoor Rec & Our Public Lands“. The Festival’s programming will explore the answers to the following question: How can outdoor recreation help keep our public lands public, healthy, and accessible to all Americans? To answer this question, the 2016 SHIFT Festival will feature three major topics, each […]

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