Breakfast Keynotes: Outdoor Rec and Our Public Lands

With several bills proposed in western states that attempt to transfer public land management from federal agencies to state control, the proposed public land transfer is a significant and urgent threat facing the future of our public lands. But what does that mean in personal terms?

This breakfast* presentation features an overview by Luther Propst, Chair of SHIFT’s parent nonprofit, The Center for Jackson Hole, on the players and politics behind the movement, and the implications if it succeeds. Propst will be followed by participants from The Emerging Leaders Program, who will articulate the value outdoor rec and our public lands has brought to their lives. Hilary Hutcheson, the “poster child” of this year’s SHIFT (she’s the flyfisherwoman on the main graphic for The 2016 SHIFT Festival), will conclude with a call to arms for SHIFT participants to act collectively and decisively to protect the public lands that are our birthright and our responsibility.

Speakers: Luther Propst, Ruby Jean Garcia, Christian Gering, Madeleine Carey, Mabari Byrd, Hilary Hutcheson

*Breakfast is included. Doors open for breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

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