Opening Keynote: Outdoor Rec, Conservation and the New Media Landscape

Media frames the conversation about outdoor recreation and conservation in the public mind, but the landscape in which the media works has changed dramatically over the past generation. So have the journalists who work there. How do we work within today’s digital media landscape to advance the outdoor recreation/conservation agenda?

The opening keynote features Alyssa Ravassio, the founder and CEO of Hipcamp, a web platform that connects people with public and private land for camping. Their mission? Get more people outside.

Alyssa has a degree from UCLA in Digital Democracy; her deepest passion is helping shape how the internet impacts our humanity and our planet. Her disruptive approach to engagement, business and the future of our public and private lands has placed Hipcamp at the epicenter of conservation’s future. Noted as one of Outside Magazine’s Pioneers, she sits on SHIFT’s Advisory Council as well as the Recreation Advisory Council for the Outdoor Industry Association.

The audience will include participants from both SHIFT and The Outdoor Blogger Summit in this co-programmed event.

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