SHIFT Awards Open for Nominations


Vincent Culliver, recipient, with Tyrhee Moore, of the 2015 SHIFT Youth Leadership Award. Organizers announced today the opening of the 2016 SHIFT Award nominations. David Swift photo

Organizers of SHIFT announced today the opening of the nomination period for the 2016 SHIFT Awards.

The SHIFT Awards recognize individuals, initiatives, or organizations that leverage outdoor recreation for conservation gains. Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of innovation, impact, and replicability.

“The goal of the Awards is to honor work that uses outdoor recreation to produce significant, measurable, and long-term improvements in communities and environments around the country, and that can be easily replicated in other locales,” said Christian Beckwith, SHIFT’s director. “Such work is an important part of the national effort to protect our public lands and waters, and we look forward to honoring the best of it at SHIFT.”

Award categories are as follows:

Non-Profit Leadership: This award recognizes individuals, an initiative, or an organization that make innovative, impactful, and replicable contributions to conservation through human-powered outdoor recreation.

Public Land-Management Innovation: This award recognizes progressive land-management work taking place at local, state, or federal levels.

Business Leadership: This award recognizes an outdoor company, be it retail, guide service, or other business.

Adventure Athlete: This award recognizes an adventure athlete who is also serving as an ambassador for responsible recreation, access, or conservation leadership.

Youth Leadership: This award recognizes an individual under 30 who is promoting recreation for conservation gains.

Technology: New in 2016, the Technology award recognizes an app, website, or other technology that promotes responsible recreation, access, or conservation leadership.

The nomination period for the Awards will close on April 15. Award winners will be announced at the conclusion of the festival.

Nominations may be made here. Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations double as research for SHIFT, which is mapping the North American outdoor recreation/conservation landscape.

At The 2016 SHIFT Festival (October 13-15, Jackson Hole, WY), SHIFT will showcase the top 25% of the initiatives it researches in its Marketplace—a clearinghouse of best practices and an incubator for influencers in the space that takes place during the Festival.

The top 10% of initiatives will qualify for the SHIFT Awards.

“Whether it is supporting the next generation of conservation leadership born from the outdoor experience, engaging the recreation community in a critical conservation issue, or resolving a conflict between user groups that are otherwise aligned, these individuals, initiatives, and organizations are an important part of the outdoor rec/conservation constituency,” said Beckwith. “We’re proud to honor them with the Awards.”

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