Michelle Piñon

Hailing from sunny Southern California, Michelle Piñon is a Seattle transplant working to protect Washington state’s majestic wilderness. Her initial attraction to environmentalism arose while organizing against workers’ rights violations in the food industry. Through activism within her Latino community, she began to question how communities form and connect to nature. In addition to her work as the Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator for Latino Outdoors, Michelle also develops outdoor leadership curriculum for Washington Trails Association. Michelle spends her free time exploring the US and learning about regional environmental issues (all while dodging wayward bears and enduring Gulf Coast heat waves). Michelle is excited to pursue her lifelong dream of living in the great Northwest, frolicking in alpine meadows and hiking with mountain goats. She also loves Justin Bieber in a non-ironic way.

Michelle will represent Latino Outdoors at the SHIFT Summit’s Marketplace on Friday, Oct. 14 at 1:45 p.m, and is also attending the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program.

Tickets for the SHIFT Summit may be purchased here.

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