Rachel Woods-Robinson

Designed and taught 1000 kids physics, solar energy, and outdoor recreation on a cross-country bicycle trip in 2015. “Outdoor recreation, such as bicycling, provides an incredible and stimulating means for curious scientists to get outside of their communities and into these target parts of the country. Our ultimate goal is to spread this idea to scientists all over the country and the world and to create a network of ‘STEM messengers’ like us zooming around and sprinkling science as they go.”

Rachel will represent Cycle for Science at the SHIFT Summit’s Marketplace on Friday, Oct. 14 at  and will also will be at the at the SHIFT Summit’s Marketplace on Friday, Oct. 14 at 1:45 p.m., and is also attending the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program.

Tickets for the SHIFT Summit may be purchased here.

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