Zeppelin Zeerip

Zeppelinis in pre-production stages of producing a feature length film documenting fight for America’s public lands. Inspired by films like DamNation, Jumbo WIld. Has met with Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Outdoor Alliance, Artist/Writer Group Red Rock Stories. ‘The biggest challenge is inspiring people to take action. Our lands are falling victim to the tragedy of the commons, in which no one man or women is standing up to protect them, but many men and women are looking to profit from them. Our goal is to show why public lands are worth fighting for. Everyone that has ever camped on BLM land, fished on public access rivers, hunted on national forests, or climbed in the Utah desert knows the importance, but we need to reach a broader demographic and be able to inspire those who have not directly felt the impacts of our public lands to stand up.”

Zeppelin was selected to participate in SHIFT’s Emerging Leaders Program in 2016, and will be introducing the film The Teewinot Picnic during the 2016 SHIFT Adventure, Inspired evening.

Tickets for the SHIFT Summit may be purchased here.

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