Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Executive Summit Coalition

Gary Thorson, Assistant Director of Information and Education, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Executive Summit Coalition

Presenter: Gary Thorson, Assistant Director of Information and Education

Synopsis: In 2016, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) convened the Executive Summit Coalition: a group of leaders representing 30+ organizations from across the outdoor industry spectrum. The objective of the group, which included representatives from recreation, industry, land trust, conservation, sportsmen/women, and land management organizations and agencies (federal, state and local), was to share perspectives on how to best balance outdoor recreation and sustainable management of wildlife in Colorado.

The Executive Summit Coalition is CPW’s initial effort to apply the SHIFT Principles to tangible and meaningful efforts to advance shared conservation and outdoor recreation priorities among a comprehensive stakeholder group that is inclusive of all sectors (rock climbing, mountain biking, OHV, hunting, land trust, stewardship/volunteers, etc.). The group has since renamed itself the Colorado Outdoor Partnership to reflect the long-term commitment the coalition has made toward working for the future of Colorado’s people, wildlife and landscapes. Their Partners in the Outdoors Conference brings together over 400 individuals from 100+ organizations to network, collaborate and participate in professional development sessions on current issues pertinent to outdoor recreation and conservation.

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