A Unified Vision for the Future of Conservation

Jonathan Jarvis was Director of the National Park Service from 2009-2017. He will open the 2017 SHIFT Festival with a keynote address entitled, “A Unified Vision for the Future of Conservation.” He will be introduced by Robbie Bond, the ten-year-old founder of Kids Speak for Parks.

Drawing on 40 years of experience in the National Park Service, especially the last eight as the 18th Director serving under President Barack Obama, Jarvis will outline a new vision for conservation, one that is more inclusive of all Americans and their stories, including cultural, natural, environmental and social justice and economic disparity and that addresses climate change head-on. His unified vision and business case includes the often-disparate branches of conservation: scientific, government, non-profit, preservation, sustainability, education, business, health, and urban and rural communities to unify in not only inspiring but also empowering a new generation of conservationists, who represent the diversity of the nation and will be prepared to address a very challenging future.

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