Happy Hour: You Gotta See It to Be It: How Social Media is Changing The Face of Who’s Outside

Presented by out.LAND.ish, this happy hour discussion features five 2017 Emerging Leaders who are also media influencers in a conversation about the ways media can effect who we expect to see outside, and how we can use it to engage a more diverse outdoor recreation community.


The happy hour will be the culmination of a special component of this year’s SHIFT that explores the ways media, and social media in particular, is challenging the prevailing narrative of who’s outside.

Thanks to the assistance of Your Forests, Your Future, which is responsible for the out.LAND.ish podcast, we’re bringing social and other media influencers to this year’s gathering to develop a vision for where they want the outdoor recreation/conservation space to be in ten years—and then take the first step toward that goal at SHIFT.

Principles invited to workshop the topic include the following:


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