Public Land Management Innovation Lunchtime Discussion

Throughout SHIFT, 2017 SHIFT award Official Selections will be highlighted during lunchtime discussions developed around each Award category.

Public Land Management Innovation Discussion: Building Constituencies for Public Lands

Presented by Vail Resorts, The Public Land Management Innovation lunchtime discussion will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 1, from 12-1:30 p.m., at Pizzeria Caldera in downtown Jackson, WY. The discussion will convene stakeholders in the public land management sector for networking, a discussion of challenges common to the space and a showcase of the ways Award category representatives are addressing them with their work.

Moderator: Gary M. Pollock, Senior Advisor to the Superintendent, Grand Teton National Park & John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway


The discussion is open to the public, and local public land management stakeholders as well as SHIFT attendees are invited to participate. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Participants are asked to leave ample time to return to the Snow King Hotel by 1:45 p.m. for the start of the SHIFT Summit.

Participating organizations and their respective representatives are as follows:

The Coalition for Outdoor Access

Representative: Aaron Bannon

The Coalition for Outdoor Access—formerly The Outdoor Access Working Group—was formed to improve the federal special-use permitting process for outdoor recreation, education and outfitting providers. It aims to make the permitting systems of land management agencies more efficient, more transparent, and more responsive to the needs of guides and outfitters as well as outdoor recreation and education leaders.

Since September 2016, steering committee members have hosted four workshops, in Denver, Salt Lake City, Olympia, and Seattle, to address the Forest Service’s ongoing work to streamline permitting processes, pivot from regulating occupancy and use to enhancing guest services through recreation special uses, and simplify and clarify environmental and resources analyses.

Colorado Parks and WildlifeExecutive Summit Coalition

Representatives: Dan Zimmerer, Gary Thorson

In 2016, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) convened the Executive Summit Coalition: a group of leaders representing 40+ organizations from across the outdoor industry spectrum. The objective of the group, which included representatives from recreation, industry, land trust, conservation, sportsmen/women, and land management organizations and agencies (federal, state and local), was to share perspectives on how to best balance outdoor recreation and sustainable management of wildlife in Colorado.

The Executive Summit Coalition is CPW’s initial effort to apply the SHIFT Principles to tangible and meaningful efforts to advance shared conservation and outdoor recreation priorities among a comprehensive stakeholder group that is inclusive of all sectors (rock climbing, mountain biking, OHV, hunting, land trust, stewardship/volunteers, etc.). Their Partners in the Outdoors Conference in may brought together over 300 individuals from 100+ organizations to network, collaborate and participate in professional development sessions on current issues pertinent to outdoor recreation, and conservation.

Heart of the Continent Partnership

Representatives: Frank Jewell, Chris Stromberg, Ann Schwaller, Tonia Kittelson

The Heart of the Continent Partnership (HOCP) was formed in 2007 when several groups involved with managing the public lands along the Minnesota/Ontario border joined with other engaged organizations to develop a long-term vision for this impressive landscape.

The HOCP convenes on a quarterly basis. In 2015 it launched a geotourism site with National Geographic to showcase cultural and environmental assets of the region to visitors. In 2016, they released an economic impact study conducted by member org Friends of the Boundary Waters that showed that Boundary Waters visitors generated overall economic output of $77 million for local communities from that summer alone.

Mammoth Lake Trails and Public Access Foundation

Representative: John Wentworth

The mission of the Mammoth Lake Trails and Public Access Foundation (“MLTPA”) is to bridge the enormous gap that lies between the nation’s small and dispersed “gateway communities” that typically provide the American public’s first introduction to a public lands experience (typically through an outdoor recreation activity) and the federal agencies that manage the public lands.

Through a contract with the Town of Mammoth Lakes, MLTPA provides a complete suite of support services to the Town’s Trail Coordinator to assist with the implementation of the Town’s “Trail System Master Plan” and the ongoing maintenance and expansion of the Mammoth Lakes Trail System. The 28 different outdoor recreation activities all share a fundamental goal: the stewardship and conservation of the natural resources that make the Mammoth Lakes Trail System possible.


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