Andrew Loffredo

Andrew currently manages over 90 TU-affiliated college fishing clubs around the United States, which work with their local TU chapter to accomplish conservation and community outreach goals.

“When I took this job out of college, it was important for me to not only be involved in an industry/hobby I love, but to make a much larger impact on my generation. As the world starts to become more digital, it is easier to become separated from nature and the environmental impacts we are having on our planet. Fly Fishing is such a unique hobby, in that it requires a lot of observation and understanding of nature as well as healthy ecosystems. It allows for its participants to truly immerse themselves in their environment and, through programs such as TU’s angler science program, monitor changes in these ecosystems over time. Armed with this new-found knowledge,anglers will grow not only in their understanding of climate change and industrial impacts on ecosystems, but  become more engaged in protecting these resources for future generations.”

Andrew is a member of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

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