Andrew Pineda

Andrew was born and raised in East Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley. After earning a degree in Environmental Science from Boston University, Andrew wanted to apply what he had learned about urban ecology, planning, and environmental science to improve the San Gabriel Valley. Andrew has studied climate and biology in diverse climates—researching air quality in New Zealand, pollution in London, tropical ecology in Peru & Ecuador, wildlife biology in Alaska, and urban climate models in Boston. He’s especially interested in urban ecology, which involves systematic analyses of living organisms in city environments to understand a city’s metabolism. At Amigos de los Rios, Andrew is a project manager who provides multi-objective green infrastructure park design, project management, weekend event, and accounting support. Andrew works to oversee the implementation of various grants including an Active Transportation Program, Green Infrastructure, Urban Forestry, and Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation.

Andrew is a member of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

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