Bea Trumann

“Bea is a Black-Indigenous fat femme glitterbomb hailing from rural Maine and currently residing on the West Coast. Her coursework at Goddard College is in Social Innovation and Sustainability, with a focus in water rights and environmental racism and justice. Bea is passionate about reconnecting people of color with nature, and bringing purpose back into practice. She is creating a new army of citizen scientists, by teaching rural communities and communities of color how to test their drinking water.  She is creating a database which will make this water quality data public and widely accessible.
Bea has done diversity contracting for TroutUnlimited, created a pilot coldwater stewardship program for students in Maine through The Nature Conservancy in Maine’s former Diversity Program, led the youth team in planning and was a keynote speaker for the Maine Emerging Environmental Changemakers Network, and received the Maine Environmental Education Association’s 2016 Student of the Year award. She is also an AmeriCorps alum, was invited to work with an indigenous community’s group of women weavers in the Philippines, and helped set up the 2spirit camp at Standing Rock.
In her free time, Bea weaves, sews, surfs, swims with her senior dog, and works as a plus size model. Bea is one of the 2017 Emerging Leaders.”

Bea is a member of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

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