Coby Tigert

Coby Tigert is the Deputy Director, Center for Western Lands, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

A lifelong resident of the West, Coby Tigert recognizes the importance of public lands to the Western outdoor experience. With a heritage steeped in fly fishing and hunting, he brings years of experience working at the grassroots level on habitat issues. He has coordinated sportsmen’s organizations with state and federal agencies on issues ranging from big game and travel management planning to water quality in critical cutthroat trout habitat.

“At the core, opportunity is all about habitat,” says Tigert “The habitat diversity in the West and the varied experiences that it provides are special. I am excited to be doing my part to ensure that Western outdoor opportunities exist for future generations. Growing up here, I cut my teeth on world-class fly fishing and mule deer hunting on public lands. Decades later, I still have those opportunities and have added my new obsessions of hunting chukars with pointing dogs and whitetails with vintage archery equipment.”

Coby and his wife Linda spend their free time in pursuit of the animals that define them. You will find them casting flies for trout or bass, chasing deer and elk with longbows in hand, or trailing pointing dogs in pursuit of sharptails or chukars on public lands somewhere in the West.

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