Dan Rankin

Born in 1961 in Darrington, Dan grew up exploring the Cascade Mountains by fishing, hunting, hiking and trapping. His grandfather came to Darrington in 1919 and ran the butcher shop for the large logging camps. His father, Glen, was raised in the Town and owned a gypo (small-scale) logging operation that pioneered skyline logging. Rankin himself has been a business owner since 1991 and runs his own gypo logging company and currently owns and operates a one-man saw mill specializing in custom orders. Rankin and his wife, Kelli Smith, an architect, are raising their two sons in a house they designed and built on the family’s tree farm.

Rankin served on the Darrington Town Council for 8 years before being elected Mayor. Since taking office in 2012, Mayor Rankin has continuously worked to bring diversity into the local job market in hopes of creating long term resilience throughout the entire Stillaguamish Valley. Partnering with local, private, state and federal partners, Rankin has been committed to stabilizing the community and economy post SR 530 landslide by utilizing the North Stillaguamish Redevelopment Plan.

Dan will speak on the panel “Transition Towns” at the 2017 SHIFT Summit, November 2, 2017, at 2 PM.

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