Gail Fanjoy

Gail Fanjoy is the past President of the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and the CEO of Katahdin Friends, Inc., which provides support for people with disabilities in the areas of community employment, supported living, and community life engagement in Maine. A leader in the revolutionary shift in service delivery away from sheltered and segregated services to customized supports for people to live and work in the community, she is a subject-matter expert for the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Employment First State Leadership Program and has consulted in the area of provider transformation in numerous states. She served two terms on the TASH national Board of Directors, is Past President of TASH New England and is the Past President of Maine Association of People Supporting Employment First and a member of Maine’s Employment First Coalition. She is active in her hometown of Millinocket, Maine, serving on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, regional hospital, and various other organizations and entities in order to improve community living and employment for all its citizens.

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