Gary Thorson

As Assistant Director of Information and Education, Gary Thorson is responsible for management and oversight of creative services, licensing, education, marketing, outreach, partnerships, public information, publications, reservations program, retail sales program, video productions, volunteers and website management for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Prior to joining Colorado Parks and Wildlife in 2003, Gary served as the Development Director for Utah State Parks and Outdoor Recreation. Prior to Utah, Gary spent 19 years working for Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites and served as Director from 1990 – 1999. Gary has lectured on park, outdoor recreation and natural resource issues at conferences, symposia and at the National State Park Leadership School in Wheeling, West Virginia. Gary holds a Bachelors degree in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of Nebraska and completed graduate work at the University of Wyoming. Gary lives in the Denver Metro area with his wife Lisa, their four daughters and one granddaughter.

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