Jess Saba

Jess Saba is the Environmental Responsibility Manager at 1908 Brands and is currently managing the direct giving and public benefit programs for 1908 Brands. Jess sits on the Colorado 1% for the Planet Steering Committee and runs Good Point Projects, a media relations agency that specializes in publicizing stories of socially and environmentally responsible companies in the outdoor and natural foods industries. 
Jess is currently writing a book titled, “ A Toolkit for Environmental Giving,” to guide businesses as they build strong and effective partnerships with the environmental non-profits they fund. Jess has set a personal mission to build the capacity of businesses as they support programs to save what we have left in terms of land, air, water, and wildlife. Since starting the project in August 2017, Jess has interviewed over 100 experts in the field of environmental philanthropy with the goal to surface and organize best practices for supporting non-profit partners. 
In the past, Jess worked from The Center for Social Innovation in New York City; hosted a seven-city, “Spontaneous Community Volunteer Disaster Response Training Tour,” funded by the Rockefeller Foundation; Traveled to Nairobi, Kenya with the United Nations Development Program to media coach indigenous climate action heroes for the Equator Initiative; and hosted the NYC x Nicaragua Impact Mixer to connect urban philanthropists with social justice projects in Nicaragua. 
Jess grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and now lives in Boulder, CO. She recently completed the NOLS Wilderness First Aid Training to prepare for a lifetime of safe and remote expeditions. Jess plans to hike to Havasu Falls; tour the new Patagonia National Park; observe the floppy ears of at least one wild African elephant baby; and see the Aurora Borealis from Yellowknife, Canada. 

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