Lindsey Elliott

Lindsey Elliott is the co-founder of Wylder Goods, a 2017 SHIFT Awards Official Selection. She will present at SHIFT for the Planet on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Lindsey is a strategist for ecological and social change, and a life-long outdoorswoman from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She specializes in the design, strategy and implementation of regenerative systems, and programs for ecological engagement and activism. Lindsey holds a degree in International and Environmental Studies and Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. Her thesis work contributed to the discussion of ‘Genetically Modified Organisms, Global Food Supply, and Biological Diversity.’ Lindsey has directed sustainable development projects in the western US, as well as in Ghana, Tanzania, Mexico, Japan and Switzerland. Her constituent experience includes conservation organizations, school districts, local governments, lobbyists, universities, businesses, Native American Tribes, farmers, ranchers, educators, and activists. Lindsey is applying her skills as Wylder’s Co-founder and Benefit Director, to steer B-Corp initiatives, non-profit partnerships, and audience engagement in conservation and activism. She is driven by purpose, accountability, and transparency in business, and the burgeoning movement of b-corps driving social and ecological change.

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