Marshall Masayesva

Marshall is Reed Clan from the village of Bacavi on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona. He received a B.A. in Adventure Education from Fort Lewis College in 2014. Since moving back home, he has focused on creating service and recreation opportunities for youth and young adults on the Hopi Reservation. He is currently the Field Coordinator with the Southwest Conservation Corps Ancestral Lands Hopi program, where he coordinates service opportunities for Hopi youth and young adults. In his free time, he is the Program Director of Adventures for Hopi, an adventure education/recreation program designed to get Native youth outside.

“The outdoor industry has a huge economic impact on the United States. Recreation, conservation, and cultural relevancy are the platforms for the creation of self-sustaining employment opportunities for indigenous communities. Indigenous people have the opportunity to pursue viable economic opportunities that do not rely on natural resource exploitation or centralized profit centers through simply utilizing, managing, and determining the direction of culturally relevant, sensitive, and responsible recreation. It is important nationally for the industry to hear our perspectives on inclusion and not just diversify for diversity’s sake.”

Marshall is a member of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

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