Miho Aida

Miho Aida is a 2017 SHIFT Awards Official Selection in the Adventure Athlete category. She will participate in SHIFT for the Planet on Wednesday, November 1, and the happy hour discussion, The Modern-Day Activist, later that evening.

Miho is an author and independent filmmaker. She produces short documentary films to provide a platform for the voices of women of color outdoor and environmental leaders. Her first film, “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins – Gwich’in Women Speak,” was nominated for the Best Documentary Short at the 2013 American Indian Film Festival and received the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 Earth Port Film Festival and First Place in Documentary Film at the 2015 Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival.

Miho is also an environmental educator and the Equity and Inclusion Coordinator at NatureBridge. In these roles, she coordinates NatureBridge-wide efforts to become a more equitable organization that is inclusive to their diverse staff and audiences. She writes, “What I deeply care about the most in this world is environment, education, equity and empowerment. Since 2000 when I started my career as an environmental educator at NatureBridge, my life has been dedicated to increasing the visibility and access of people who had little, if any, access to environmental education and our parks.”

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