Mitch Breton

Mitch focuses on online content that praises the outdoors. In his work he looks for visual stories about nature, athletes, and organizations that are pushing the industry forward. He feels it’s his role to share their story in a way that connects to the Outside readership.

Some recent initiatives he’s helped launch recently are a series of videos dedicated to the preservation of Bears Ears, a significant ramping up of women’s specific stories, and a video series entirely dedicated to adaptive recreation.

“Like most of us, the outdoors spoke to me from an early age. I’ve had my eye on a career in the outdoors since watching Kelly Slater dominate the surf circuit and Warren Miller bless our eyes with the most insane skiing footage the world has ever seen. I was hooked on video.When I attended a university with a strong social justice component I knew I’d need to find a way to incorporate those values into my work. With Outside’s voice I’m able to highlight stories involving people of color, women, and other populations not often addressed in the outdoor world.”

Mitch is a member of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

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