The SHIFT Awards

Each year, SHIFT researchers identify individuals, organizations or initiatives from around the United States that leverage outdoor rec for conservation gains, and then evaluate them using three criteria: Impact, Innovation and Replicability.

A description of this criteria may be found here.

The work determined to be most impactful, innovative and replicable is then nominated for The SHIFT Awards, which have seven categories:

Representatives of nominated work are invited to share their efforts with our participants at each year’s SHIFT.

The map below, developed by Rebecca Taylor, showcases the work that we have researched to date for The SHIFT Awards, and represents efforts from around the country that are successfully meeting challenges at the nexus of outdoor recreation, conservation and cultural relevancy. Use the filters to narrow your search by our award categories.

If you feel we should evaluate your work, please email us at Make sure to tell us how the work is impactful, innovative and replicable.

We are grateful to Rebecca for her assistance in this project.

Initiatives Researched to Date

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