The 2018 SHIFT Festival

October 16-18, Jackson Hole, WY

Join the innovators, early adopters and opinion leaders at the forefront of the “Outside Rx” movement as we establish a stronger connection between, and thus a stronger argument for, outdoor recreation, public lands and public health. Read more....

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For indigenous cultures, active engagement with the outdoors has always been synonymous with conservation. In modern times, outdoor recreation has produced some of the country’s strongest and most inspiring conservation leaders. Today, with the membership of traditional conservation organizations aging, outdoor recreation offers a remarkable opportunity to reinvigorate the protection of our public lands and waters—but only if all of us are able to engage with them in the first place.

Why Jackson?

The birthplace of the world's first national park, Jackson Hole is known as the "crucible of conservation"—though if the stone circle discovered in 1872 near the summit of the Grand Teton is any indication, outdoor recreation got here first. Outdoor recreation and conservation have evolved in tandem in Jackson Hole, and the partnership lies at the heart of our community’s environment, economy and character. Simply put, there's no better place to explore the ongoing relationship—and the ways we can leverage it for the protection of our natural places.

Why Autumn?

IT'S AUTUMN. Autumn in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem means fall foliage, bugling elk, uncrowded trails and rivers and crisp, clear days, all in the shadow of the magnificent Tetons.

IT'S THE SHOULDER SEASON. The shoulder season in Jackson Hole means lower prices, restaurant specials, friendly locals and a relaxed pace.

IT'S JACKSON HOLE. Accessibility (direct flights from major airports), snow-dusted mountains, world-class amenities, abundant wildlife and gold-medal trail systems make Jackson Hole the perfect place to inspire the outdoor recreation/conservation partnership.








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